How To Avoid fb from Blocked, Banned, Jailed of Your Facebook Account

How To Avoid fb from Blocked, Banned, Jailed of Your Facebook Account

Ok great welcome in this website once again thank you visiting my blog, and I’m sure you’re the one who want to learn about facebook marketing, online marketing.

Facebook is one of the most famous and widely used social networking website. Now days nearly everyone who use Internet has Facebook account, due to their security & privacy and also specially because most peoples are in it. Facebook team is doing their best in improving it day by day. While they are improving their service, they are also improving their spamming filters so lots of peoples gets blocked temporary and sometime permanently.

Anyways there’s a lot of facebook restriction today in facebook due some abusive facebook user who are…

1. Posting nudes photos in any group
2. Spamming to different groups and their friends
3. Sending succeeding messages to different fb account
4. Posting on friends timeline without asking permissions
5. Sending more than 20 friends request to people you do not know
6. Sending request more than 20 facebook group per day
7. Tagging person you don’t know well
8. etc…

Ok before we are going to proceed to the main reason why most people are blocked, banned, jailed from facebook, block from posting to different group for 15 days or 1 week, block from chat conversation to your friends for 30 days, block from wallpost for 15 days block from any conversation.

Basically if you are now practicing Online Marketing or Facebook Marketing there’s lot of things you should complete before using all the features of facebook.

1. First you have to complete first you personal information. Note this is very important to set-upfirst your facebook account link first – example:

a.) Date you were born or your birthday
b.) Contact – Phone Verification Important
c.) Basic Info – Details About You
c.) Places You’ve Lived
d.) Education – School you’ve Graduated
e.) Kinds of Works, when you started from working
f.) Family and Relationships
g.) Hobbies/Book Have you Read
i.) Life Events

Once your complete your profile to its 100% you may now use facebook features and the good things is you may not experienced to much restriction if your facebook account is well updated to its full details and information just like what I have experienced today in my facebook account.

Never Ignore:

If you get blocked temporary for any reason than don’t do the same mistake again otherwise this time they may increase the block time or even they may permanently block your account. When someone gets blocked first time they saw that they have been punished, while that is just a little warning from them so you didn’t do such mistakes again in future. If you continue doing mistakes than there is no result except permanent block from them to your account.

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